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I'm just a girl in this strange and mad world.

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10 years of Paramore
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Volkevens for EW
  • Stevens: Her and I had spoke when we were going out for the auditions. We were like, “Let’s not be bitches.” Whoever gets Karma, we look different, it won’t be a reflection of our acting ability. When we found out that we both got both roles, we immediately went to dinner together and started hanging out.
  • Volk: We really wanted to get to know each other and realize that the casting was so perfect. There are so many elements of Karma that is Katie and there are so many elements of Amy that is me. It worked out perfectly.
  • Stevens: We’re super cheesy, and we’ll just look at each other and be like, “Thank you for being wonderful.” No offense, but I could’ve wound up with someone who was a total bitch playing Amy.
  • Volk: True. I can’t even imagine because I literally see her all the time. I have to be with her a lot, so if she wasn’t tolerable, I would not be happy.
  • Stevens: If I hated you, that would suck.
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a quest’ora della notte
vorrei solo
che l’altra parte
del letto
non fosse vuota
ma che ci fosse qualcuno
disposto a stringermi
come se fossi la cosa
più fragile
e rara
a questo mondo

  • updates on my love life:
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